Clyde River Sydney Rock Oysters

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Clyde River Sydney Rock Oysters – a must to sample when visiting the South Coast.

Sydney Rock Oysters grow naturally in large quantities and feed on microscopic plankton, algae and organic matter. It takes between 2.5 – 3 years for an oyster to grow to sale size. Clyde River is clean, deep and well-flushed. And this may just be the secret to the perfect oyster.

Oysters are naturally high in essential Omega-3 oils, iron, vitamins A, B & C and are low in cholesterol. Oysters are also high in zinc and contain amino acids (proven to increase the libido).


At the Reef Restaurant we support the local oyster industry and source our oysters from the local Elliott’s Oyster Farm – the clean and flavoursome taste and perfect plump body never disappoints!

Find local Clyde River oysters on our menu.

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